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Features of the system

What does the system do?

Software from the cloud

It can be used immediately without installation or VPN connection, as we provide the necessary infrastructure. There are no hidden costs, no loyalty period to commit to. We take care of all issues related to operation, backup, updates.

Anytime and from anywhere

Not only from the office, but also on the go from a tablet or even a smartphone, you can generate an invoice and send it instantly by email, view a document or assign a task. It can be used from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices.

Unlimited user

Any number of users can use the system at the same time, even from different parts of the world. Access rights can be controlled in detail per user, so that each user has access only to the data they need.



The modular architecture and the many configuration options make the system fully customisable. It can be easily connected to any webshop. But if that’s not enough, you can also add custom developments.



We also provide support for the implementation and use of the system. On request by phone, e-mail, chat or in person!

You can also easily learn how to use the system with the help of the tutorial videos and the documentation of the on-line invoicing system is available here: http://doc.evir.hu/doku.php


Export/Import connection

All lists in the system can be downloaded in CSV format and processed in a spreadsheet. Partners, products, prices can be imported. Can be linked to other systems (e.g. webshop).

Also in English

eVIR is also available in English. Not only can financial documents be accessed in English, but the user interface language can also be switched to English
eVIR on different devices

Some arguments

Why choose us?

  • More than 20 years in the business
  • The programme complies with current legislation
  • Easy to use from any device
  • Can be used from home, from anywhere, without a VPN connection
  • eVIR automatically sends the invoice to the customer’s email address once it has been issued
  • Automatic sending of invoices can be done in bulk based on the settings in the contract register
  • Easy to connect to any webshop
  • No registration or email address required to use the trial version!
  • You can try it without obligation!
  • User-friendly
  • Also available in English
  • You can choose from 3 versions to suit your needs!

Our subscribers

They said about us

Hertz Autókölcsönzés logó

“I have been using eVIR since April 2021.
The eVIR modules and functions are clear, logical, easy to use, it has extra functions besides invoicing. Any problem, you get help almost immediately, there is always someone to solve it if something is confusing. It is completely user friendly. I especially like the fact that all the data in it can be searched for, any changes/improvements we have requested so far have been quickly completed, I can’t wait to attach the attachments to the invoices and send them out with them.
I would recommend it to others for the reasons described above.”

Krisztina Gombos, Hertz

KaraTech Kft.

“Our company, KaraTech Ltd. has been using the eVIR system for more than 5 years. As a business management system, eVIR meets all our needs. What we like most about it is that if we have a problem, they are ready to provide expert help when we contact their customer service, even if it is not specifically an eVIR function.

About 1.5-2 years ago, we got to the point where we activated the WooCommerce link in the system, which was already in place, and it has saved us a lot of man-hours since then. When the need arose for a convenience upgrade that did not yet exist in eVIR, but was necessary for our webshop or management, the BC.HU Ltd staff developed and tested it in 1-2 days, and it has worked perfectly ever since.

The system has a lot of features, everyone can find the modules they need. I can recommend eVIR to all small, medium and large companies looking for a business management system backed by a fair, well communicating, flexible, expert and, last but not least, reliable team.”

CEO: Attila Karagich
https://aszivattyus.hu/ webshop

“We have been using eVIR for invoicing since July 2018, with complete satisfaction, both in terms of personal support and the manageability and transparency of the modules.

I am very satisfied with the fast and efficient response and the direct assistance I receive.

I would definitely recommend it to companies because everything is really professionally in place and all modules can be used quickly and securely.”

Toolsworld Hungary Ltd.
Managing Director


About the software in brief

eVIR can be assembled in any version due to its modular structure. Based on typical usage patterns, we have put together three versions to cover typical needs. We have several other modules or solutions that are not listed here but can be requested.
We offer 3 main versions on a subscription basis:

eVIR Light

The eVIR Light system is the ideal choice for businesses, sole traders and individuals with a tax number who only invoice for services and who do not yet need a complete ERP system, but do not want to fiddle around with invoice forms.


  • Billing for services
  • Send invoice by email / PDF
  • Partner registration
  • Service master data
  • Basic financial settings

eVIR Standard

The eVIR Standard system is the ideal system for a commercial service company. In addition to the functionality of eVIR Light, it has product and warehouse inventory, stock management functions. It also offers a complete financial backend with house cash and bank account management, customer and supplier invoice registration, financial queries.



  • All features of eVIR Light
  • Product and stock management
  • Manage an unlimited number of warehouses
  • Complete financial processes
  • Sales statistics

eVIR Extra

The eVIR Extra system follows the sales process in its entirety: events can be recorded in the CRM system from the moment of contact, an offer can be made for products and services, which can be forwarded as a customer order, from which a supplier order can be generated with a few clicks of a button, based on which the products can be purchased for stock, and the customer can be invoiced for the items at the price indicated on the confirmation. Bulk invoicing, document storage, contract management, etc.



  • All features of eVIR Standard
  • Offer and order management
  • CRM
  • Contract management, bulk invoicing
  • Multiple site option
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