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eVIR System

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Platform independent

When designing and implementing the eVIR invoicing and inventory management system, one of the main considerations was that it should be completely platform- and system-independent. With this in mind, it is just as fully usable on Windows, Mac/OSX, Linux, Android operating systems, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser.


Remote use is SSL encrypted, i.e. an HTTPS connection ensures that data cannot be intercepted. Data storage on the server servers is adequately redundant and backups are regularly made to a physically separate data centre.

Can be installed on the customer's own server

Of course, the service is not only available from the cloud, from our servers. For those who don’t want to entrust their data to us, or who create such a large number of documents, or who want to operate their own document repository, we offer the possibility of installing and operating their own server. This is particularly the case with eVIR Enterprise.


Server operating system

Our proprietary systems run on the 64-bit Debian Linux operating system, which offers high performance and cost-efficiency.

Web server

We use the market-leading Apache web server to serve our systems.

Language of the code

The source code for the eVIR invoicing and inventory system is written in Perl, a language that has been around for almost 30 years. During this time, it has proven to provide a stable, long-term and predictable basis for larger software systems.

Database server

The data is stored in Postgresql databases, which provides a reliable backend for even huge databases.


How it started...

The current state of the art of the software is not even remotely similar to the original version, which was based on dBase 3+ and ran on DOS more than 20 years ago. The development was unstoppable: there were Clipper 87, Clipper 5.0 (already a networked, multi-user version), Alaska xBase++ (also running under Windows with a simple graphical user interface). At this point, there was a major change, when the system was rewritten from scratch, but then in the spirit of the times: in Perl, with a PostgreSQL database engine, with a web interface. This was back in the previous millennium, in 1999, when the system was one of the first Hungarian-developed case management systems with a web-based interface only.

Since then, there have been three major changes: around 2003, at least 90% of the source code was updated and the software was updated to its current form, and in 2013, another major overhaul resulted in the creation of the eVIR invoicing and inventory system, which was completely replaced by the end of 2019. Of course, development has not stopped since then, with new modules and modifications to old ones being continuously developed based on customer feedback and needs.

Over the last few years, the pace of development has accelerated and the number of customers using the system has grown dynamically.

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